Thursday, April 15, 2010

Health come from within your body (part 2)

Health come from within your body (part 2)

"The only way to stay healthy or back from a nutritional health problem is that" God gave the life force "within us. When you stop, we'll try to play God and begin to work together under the laws of the biochemical nature of God, then we will see a leap forward in our health and better results in the doctor's office. '1

What! You mean the body has an innate intelligence, is given by God. Shocking!

Would you say that the key to health depends on the distance limits of the life force? Straight line.

Well, the limitation of the life force? It's easy - any deviation from the normal spine detected. As I mentioned in my blog from June 2008 in the back before doing "to affect postural distortions of the ability of your nervous system function optimally." Postural distortions are visible when the spine is distorted. Structure dictates function without the optimal operation is not optimal healing the body and weaken over time. Therefore, "of the abnormal structure of the spine, the results of the function of the life force 100% and you are weak. Fortunately, chiropractic care seeks corrective action of the normal alignment of the spine, the flowing energy of life enables optimal and allows the body to heal from the inside, to be restored.

My first thought was to leave this blog with the above purpose, but usually it "stew" for a day or two before posting. In this case, I considered it necessary that after the return, if you do not understand God's innate intelligence or life force, to make herewithin discussion, the construction. Consider the 9 months that occur after the union of egg and sperm and the miraculous birth of a child 9 months later. Then ask yourself what part of this process requires an intervention. The people were with children, long before the practice of medicine created. Everything happens naturally. This is no different from the sun and the sun again, everything is predictable and all persons in the body.

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Stages Of Healing

Stages Of Healing

The body's response to injuries are predictable and depends on time and optimal functioning of the nervous system. Three steps describe the body's response to musculoskeletal injury: the acute phase of subacute and chronic.

The acute phase usually lasts 48 to 72 hours. The main characteristics of this phase are: swelling of the heat, functional limitations, pain and redness. The treatment is to relieve pain, control inflammation and support the tissues.

The subacute phase may take several weeks. This step is expected to improve the symptoms of 5% to 10% every day. The main feature of this phase is the presence of fragile, easily re-injured tissue. Accordingly, it is for someone to do "more" at this stage and return in the acute phase together. A word of warning, "keep the course!" Therefore you do not get frustrated if your pain does not disappear as quickly as I had hoped or expected.

Sometimes the recovery delayed, or incomplete, and the patient can enter the chronic phase. Chronic pain can last for years. The most important feature is the connective tissue in the form of fibrosis and adhesions to shorten.

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Health comes from within your body part 1

Health come from within your body (part 1)

Have you ever been curious about the healing process after cutting his fingers? What really is the cure? BAND-AID is medicine, iodine or antibiotic cream? If you think that any of these answers are correct, then you are mistaken. If you are still skeptical, you can buy a piece of meat and a cut in it. Well, a little iodine on it or an antibiotic ointment, then cover with a Band-Aid. Call me when it heals.

It is clear that the cut is not healing as containing the steak not the most important ingredient for all the healing, life! In other words, it contains this inner intelligence in all living things.

This is not the same intelligence by reading books and going to get to school. Such information is called learned a trained intelligence. I mean the instinctive intelligence and automatically enters your body. I mean the intelligence is called innate intelligence. innate functions perfectly knowing the exact needs of each second life every day.

So exactly what happens by instinct? Almost everything! Come on, when was the last time you thought the food we ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner to digest? What if you always think about your breathing or the heart? In fact, it would probably be blocked to stop breathing and die. Most people have trouble remembering something 7th I went to the grocery store. Fortunately, this is the innate intelligence to monitor and regulate all matters, regardless of our awareness of it.

The human body is composed of more than 60,000,000,000,000 cells. optimally functioning nervous system allows the innate intelligence to flow to all cells without interruption. If information is received well by the single cell to 100% to 100%. If this communication breaks down the cells begin to degenerate. Poor posture and the distortions associated with the spine to reduce the flow of intelligence that leads to the disease and ease DIS. How can the body to heal gradually, and at each cell is less healthy than it needs to regenerate and operate at 100%.

The innate intelligence is the key to healing. 100% function is equal to 100% health. It's that simple. For this reason, my goal is to correct the clinical abnormal posture and eliminate the distortions associated cord does your body what it does best - healing from within. Because this is a matter of time before disease and disease always appears innate intelligence is broken, you should not have your check at once the backbone? Wait today is not, your next appointment.

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Health Definition

Health Definition

"Health is the result of a healthy lifestyle. Health, or lack thereof, are events which took some time ago. We did not drop more or slower determined to a large part of our daily activities. Routine maintenance work is required to make a positive impact to provide for the body to a network of health and to be strong. There is no comparison. "

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Monday, April 12, 2010

What is the "rehabilitation" and "natural medicine"?

Traditionally, the central aim of rehabilitation was the restoration of function, so that people can realize their full potential physically, emotionally, socially and professionally. From another perspective, incorporating rehabilitation behavioral changes and stresses, with a physical disability, dealing caused by illness or injury and learn to adapt their environment.

The terms "rehabilitation" and "natural medicine" is often used synonymously. In fact, they have much in common, but not identical. Physical medicine is traditional with diagnosis and treatment of physical diseases, with particular emphasis on the use of neurological diagnostic techniques such as electromyography and the therapeutic application of physical agents such as heat is concerned, cold, water and electricity

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Hope Patient

Hope Patient

A 50-year-old man who is paralyzed from the neck down in a motorcycle accident a devastating AYear learns to walk again with the help of a robot named Lokomat at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Chuck Benefield of Dallas was his bike on a quiet street when a car came back, two steps from the bike. When he awoke from a coma, 11 days later he learned he was paralyzed. "I was beaten very badly," said Benefield. "The doctors said it was an incomplete spinal cord injury, and I would never go back safely. It is difficult to adjust." But that was before I met Lokomat.Physicians and physical therapy at UT Southwestern are using the device Learning to walk again.

The Mr. Benefield robot sees "gait training" by teaching the patient's spinal cord and brain, with sensory information to te body to step signal. A harness supports the patient's body weight over a large treadmill.

The legs and hips are attached to the machine robotic exoskeleton, which simulates a fluid walking motion. A computer records precise movement measurements and plots on a graph, shown in real time on a screen in the vicinity and allows patients and therapists to follow progress.UT South West is the only institution in Texas and one of the few in the country, the with the new machine.

While conventional treatments, patients are supported by a harness over a treadmill, but the therapist must manually move the patient's hips and legs. The process is very stressful for the patient and the therapist and the patient's spasticity often can not be resolved to carry out gait training. "The robot not only provides specific parameters and consistent education and power, can now also see the reactions of the patient, freeing the therapist to adjust settings to make during the robot and to improve patient step by step," said Dr. Keith Tansey coordinating the medical center new interdisciplinary and interdepartmental clinical program for spinal cord and Assistant Professor of Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Patricia Winchester, president of the physical therapy, said, "The functional results based on body weight supported training tape on how to improve the efficiency of the muscles.

Our findings support the theory that education drives of walking on the tape, the reorganization of the spinal cord and brain. "The support of body weight reduces the problem of body position in patients during the month of March. Lokomat moves the legs in a normal physiological model of the spinal cord to learn again allows walk. "Mr. Benefield, using some of his weapons, used Lokomat recovered for a month, and said he could already see the results in lower extremities. He has gained muscle tone and sensation in the legs, swelling of the ankles and calves away, and he has more mobility. "I was not there get these results with walking training manual," said Benefield. "It's just night and day difference . He could walk for hours if you will. The treatment was very good, and it feels so good when it is released. "The researchers are recruiting patients with spinal cord injuries to participate in technical studies Lokomat.

Must Appropriate patient mobility in the hips have to allow the knee and ankle, the standing position. The patients are not eligible for the study if they have a history of fractures of long bones, have pressure ulcers, irritated by the robot exoskeleton, weigh more than 250 pounds or high blood pressure.

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More physical rehabilitation

More physical rehabilitation

In recent years, aggressive physical rehabilitation have found that seems important function in many with SCI recover, even years after the injury. sophisticated devices and technologies have been developed to catalyze remediation and restoration of the system as a function of locomotion Giger-MD ® ( or robotic treadmill training Locomat ® (photo) (www.hocoma. com).

Often these programs are used to optimize recovery of function after surgery or other innovators. Often, the videos created to a functional improvement of the patient document, and given the impressive nature of physical activity that could be done later, but not before the treatment, which supposedly be able to retrieve documents in order to be effective.

However, this acceptance or may be invalid. It is possible that the recovery function is due to small, for example, surgery $ 50,000, but it measures continued aggressive rehabilitation after surgery, but not before. If the recovery of function after surgery depends on the regeneration of neurons gradually anatomically to a distant target site, it takes a relatively long time for new functional enhancements to appear. If during this period, the patient had an aggressive physical rehabilitation, it is unreasonable to question how many scientists actually do, what is the real reason for the improvement. Because of these concerns, some of them require surgery today to rehabilitate aggressive patients before and after surgery.
In addition, if a patient believes to change with conviction, heart and soul of the business or the intervention to restore function, their awareness of the Pre-Operational "who-is-not-go" attitude often printed patient by the medical authority to a self-fulfilling belief that you can really, if you work hard. The patient is leading to new levels of function, many of which do, in fact, perhaps to do with the operation or procedure.

Even taking into account without any involvement of the potential confusion is the physical rehabilitation is a complex area in which he stated that improvement can be attributed to several factors, alone or in combination. First, activated by a variety of physiological mechanisms, including stimulation of growth factor, aggressive physical rehabilitation in many individuals with SCI probably neuronal regeneration.

Second, the neurons activate dormant, but intact sites cross most lesions, including lesions clinically classified as complete. Studies suggest that only a small percentage of "on" neurons are needed to retrieve important functions.

Third, the spinal cord itself is not intelligent and fully subject to the oversight of the brain. In particular, the spinal cord "central generator" can get repetitive lower limb movements such as walking, independent of the direct control of the brain. With training and appropriately designed leg braces, walking with the introduction of a minimum can be seen whether neural regeneration.
Fourth, concerns many muscles above the site of injury walking ability, especially when used appropriately designed leg braces. innervated For example, latissimus dorsi muscle to a muscle through the neck region of the spinal cord, the movement of the pelvis and the influence, in turn, ambulatory movements (Anton Wernig, private communications) related.

Fifth, increasingly, many scientists believe that there are interesting opportunities in the integration of the various neurological systems above and below the injury site, which have accepted despite our understanding of the nervous system more complicated, creates new opportunities for rehabilitation.

Sixth, aggressive physical rehabilitation programs are often relatively early after the injury at a time when it already has the potential for significant recovery started. Again, it is often difficult to determine the amount of recovery is due to a specific program and what would have happened anyway. The defenders of the status quo and the criticism of the innovation to be more careful, produces the results of rehabilitation programs and innovative events that may have taken place anyway. The growing number of scientific and empirical evidence suggest that aggressive rehabilitation programs to expand the potential for recovery.

Finally, understanding even more confusion into the paradigm of speculative development believe some scientists, it is possible for brain function directed at a location of the lesion anatomically complete. For example, Albert Bohbot, whose work was described on acupuncture believe that it is a complex interaction between the channels of electromagnetic energy in our bodies / systems / fields, and our nervous system that can bypass the site of the lesion. Although the dominant biomedical thought is possible in the context of other healing philosophies and esoteric Oriental, and as such, it has been suggested that the study of martial arts that emphasize the power and flow control, to facilitate this potential.

Abstract After several private clinics and rehabilitation programs in colleges based and may restore function after spinal cord injury. The agendas and priorities of the programs in these two very different environments. The latter is often research, to publish articles and grants, and previous research itself is not the goal, but the presentation of real-world outcomes that the program is to support financially.

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Interview with inpatient rehabilitation

Interview with inpatient rehabilitation

For someone who has been a change in the critical years of life, 28 years, Daniel Brauman seems quite relaxed. It is 58 days sober when interviewing him on the weekend from Overdale Rehabilitation Centre, which is managed by the Army Hello. It is the longest period he is sober for at least 12 years. I began to wonder what was the decisive factor for him to go to rehab.

"Uh, I went to Alcoholics AA [] Anonymous," Daniel began nervously. "But it's not working for me. I was fucked more and more stressed out trying to work trying to come to the meetings ... ... and more confused ... up more than it was when I drank. Finally, after a conversation with one of the members, I thought it a detox and then I knew that was what I had to do. "

Brauman looks at his past and how it was dirty for drugs and alcohol. He has never taken responsibility for their own actions, always blame others for their plight. Than their peers in the past, family, friends, colleagues, roommates, or simply destroyed only a spectator in General, said: "I had an excuse for every moment of my miserable life."

"I do not know how many times I was arrested because I really do not know," he says thoughtfully. "I have made so many bad things during this dark period of my life miserable for a way ... that was not always poor Daniel. It is wrong always right. I tried to commit suicide several times - poor Daniel. I found myself destitute and homeless, but I knew that would not die. "Daniel admits that finally bottomed out probably necessary to get help.

When asked how his life now, after 29 days of rehabilitation, smiled sadly. "This is the reality accept from me ... that I've become an addict / alcoholic and my life unmanageable. This is the hardest thing I had [and] we must be honest to myself and face to face to face ... I live my life as I have never experienced before. "

Daniel is happy that I finally got a hobby in the arts and crafts. Not to read, people used to take your call seeking aimlessly at the computer and get drunk just to kill time. She began, jewelry and beads in the time he was in rehab and doing really well at this new skill. He began painting and how the bow is very important in your life.

"The rainbow is very reassuring and gives my life meaning. Each color has its own meaning." He said: "The eight colors of the rainbow symbolizes freedom, sexuality is pink, red, life, orange is healing, sunlight is yellow, the green magic of nature is turquoise, blue and violet is the serenity of spirituality."

The rainbow reminds Daniel, "how life can be fun without alcohol and drugs and how the resources of the world and how many people you help along the way ... so many opportunities will arise, if you really want for them."

The future looks bright for Daniel, like a rainbow of colors, strong, happy and loved. I wonder if he has regrets, and he shakes his head, full security. He knows he has learned much from his past, and without it, it would be focused on today. He waits for his transfer to Bendigo in supportive housing under the bridge, where consultants will be twice per week. Daniel is planning to study in the future and could even try a consultant for drug and alcohol a day - maybe even work for the salvos.

"The sky is beautiful without end," said wise. "There will always get the pot of gold on the way. But making decisions about their own fate."

leaves me with one of his favorite phrases:

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it is likely to lead nowhere.

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