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Interview with inpatient rehabilitation

Interview with inpatient rehabilitation

For someone who has been a change in the critical years of life, 28 years, Daniel Brauman seems quite relaxed. It is 58 days sober when interviewing him on the weekend from Overdale Rehabilitation Centre, which is managed by the Army Hello. It is the longest period he is sober for at least 12 years. I began to wonder what was the decisive factor for him to go to rehab.

"Uh, I went to Alcoholics AA [] Anonymous," Daniel began nervously. "But it's not working for me. I was fucked more and more stressed out trying to work trying to come to the meetings ... ... and more confused ... up more than it was when I drank. Finally, after a conversation with one of the members, I thought it a detox and then I knew that was what I had to do. "

Brauman looks at his past and how it was dirty for drugs and alcohol. He has never taken responsibility for their own actions, always blame others for their plight. Than their peers in the past, family, friends, colleagues, roommates, or simply destroyed only a spectator in General, said: "I had an excuse for every moment of my miserable life."

"I do not know how many times I was arrested because I really do not know," he says thoughtfully. "I have made so many bad things during this dark period of my life miserable for a way ... that was not always poor Daniel. It is wrong always right. I tried to commit suicide several times - poor Daniel. I found myself destitute and homeless, but I knew that would not die. "Daniel admits that finally bottomed out probably necessary to get help.

When asked how his life now, after 29 days of rehabilitation, smiled sadly. "This is the reality accept from me ... that I've become an addict / alcoholic and my life unmanageable. This is the hardest thing I had [and] we must be honest to myself and face to face to face ... I live my life as I have never experienced before. "

Daniel is happy that I finally got a hobby in the arts and crafts. Not to read, people used to take your call seeking aimlessly at the computer and get drunk just to kill time. She began, jewelry and beads in the time he was in rehab and doing really well at this new skill. He began painting and how the bow is very important in your life.

"The rainbow is very reassuring and gives my life meaning. Each color has its own meaning." He said: "The eight colors of the rainbow symbolizes freedom, sexuality is pink, red, life, orange is healing, sunlight is yellow, the green magic of nature is turquoise, blue and violet is the serenity of spirituality."

The rainbow reminds Daniel, "how life can be fun without alcohol and drugs and how the resources of the world and how many people you help along the way ... so many opportunities will arise, if you really want for them."

The future looks bright for Daniel, like a rainbow of colors, strong, happy and loved. I wonder if he has regrets, and he shakes his head, full security. He knows he has learned much from his past, and without it, it would be focused on today. He waits for his transfer to Bendigo in supportive housing under the bridge, where consultants will be twice per week. Daniel is planning to study in the future and could even try a consultant for drug and alcohol a day - maybe even work for the salvos.

"The sky is beautiful without end," said wise. "There will always get the pot of gold on the way. But making decisions about their own fate."

leaves me with one of his favorite phrases:

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it is likely to lead nowhere.

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