Monday, April 12, 2010

What is the "rehabilitation" and "natural medicine"?

Traditionally, the central aim of rehabilitation was the restoration of function, so that people can realize their full potential physically, emotionally, socially and professionally. From another perspective, incorporating rehabilitation behavioral changes and stresses, with a physical disability, dealing caused by illness or injury and learn to adapt their environment.

The terms "rehabilitation" and "natural medicine" is often used synonymously. In fact, they have much in common, but not identical. Physical medicine is traditional with diagnosis and treatment of physical diseases, with particular emphasis on the use of neurological diagnostic techniques such as electromyography and the therapeutic application of physical agents such as heat is concerned, cold, water and electricity

Rehabilitation, has a broader view, more diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders associated with a focus on practical and functional assessment of motor, sensory and cognitive skills and processes to improve the operation and modified behavior.

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