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More physical rehabilitation

More physical rehabilitation

In recent years, aggressive physical rehabilitation have found that seems important function in many with SCI recover, even years after the injury. sophisticated devices and technologies have been developed to catalyze remediation and restoration of the system as a function of locomotion Giger-MD ® ( or robotic treadmill training Locomat ® (photo) (www.hocoma. com).

Often these programs are used to optimize recovery of function after surgery or other innovators. Often, the videos created to a functional improvement of the patient document, and given the impressive nature of physical activity that could be done later, but not before the treatment, which supposedly be able to retrieve documents in order to be effective.

However, this acceptance or may be invalid. It is possible that the recovery function is due to small, for example, surgery $ 50,000, but it measures continued aggressive rehabilitation after surgery, but not before. If the recovery of function after surgery depends on the regeneration of neurons gradually anatomically to a distant target site, it takes a relatively long time for new functional enhancements to appear. If during this period, the patient had an aggressive physical rehabilitation, it is unreasonable to question how many scientists actually do, what is the real reason for the improvement. Because of these concerns, some of them require surgery today to rehabilitate aggressive patients before and after surgery.
In addition, if a patient believes to change with conviction, heart and soul of the business or the intervention to restore function, their awareness of the Pre-Operational "who-is-not-go" attitude often printed patient by the medical authority to a self-fulfilling belief that you can really, if you work hard. The patient is leading to new levels of function, many of which do, in fact, perhaps to do with the operation or procedure.

Even taking into account without any involvement of the potential confusion is the physical rehabilitation is a complex area in which he stated that improvement can be attributed to several factors, alone or in combination. First, activated by a variety of physiological mechanisms, including stimulation of growth factor, aggressive physical rehabilitation in many individuals with SCI probably neuronal regeneration.

Second, the neurons activate dormant, but intact sites cross most lesions, including lesions clinically classified as complete. Studies suggest that only a small percentage of "on" neurons are needed to retrieve important functions.

Third, the spinal cord itself is not intelligent and fully subject to the oversight of the brain. In particular, the spinal cord "central generator" can get repetitive lower limb movements such as walking, independent of the direct control of the brain. With training and appropriately designed leg braces, walking with the introduction of a minimum can be seen whether neural regeneration.
Fourth, concerns many muscles above the site of injury walking ability, especially when used appropriately designed leg braces. innervated For example, latissimus dorsi muscle to a muscle through the neck region of the spinal cord, the movement of the pelvis and the influence, in turn, ambulatory movements (Anton Wernig, private communications) related.

Fifth, increasingly, many scientists believe that there are interesting opportunities in the integration of the various neurological systems above and below the injury site, which have accepted despite our understanding of the nervous system more complicated, creates new opportunities for rehabilitation.

Sixth, aggressive physical rehabilitation programs are often relatively early after the injury at a time when it already has the potential for significant recovery started. Again, it is often difficult to determine the amount of recovery is due to a specific program and what would have happened anyway. The defenders of the status quo and the criticism of the innovation to be more careful, produces the results of rehabilitation programs and innovative events that may have taken place anyway. The growing number of scientific and empirical evidence suggest that aggressive rehabilitation programs to expand the potential for recovery.

Finally, understanding even more confusion into the paradigm of speculative development believe some scientists, it is possible for brain function directed at a location of the lesion anatomically complete. For example, Albert Bohbot, whose work was described on acupuncture believe that it is a complex interaction between the channels of electromagnetic energy in our bodies / systems / fields, and our nervous system that can bypass the site of the lesion. Although the dominant biomedical thought is possible in the context of other healing philosophies and esoteric Oriental, and as such, it has been suggested that the study of martial arts that emphasize the power and flow control, to facilitate this potential.

Abstract After several private clinics and rehabilitation programs in colleges based and may restore function after spinal cord injury. The agendas and priorities of the programs in these two very different environments. The latter is often research, to publish articles and grants, and previous research itself is not the goal, but the presentation of real-world outcomes that the program is to support financially.

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