Thursday, April 15, 2010

Health come from within your body (part 2)

Health come from within your body (part 2)

"The only way to stay healthy or back from a nutritional health problem is that" God gave the life force "within us. When you stop, we'll try to play God and begin to work together under the laws of the biochemical nature of God, then we will see a leap forward in our health and better results in the doctor's office. '1

What! You mean the body has an innate intelligence, is given by God. Shocking!

Would you say that the key to health depends on the distance limits of the life force? Straight line.

Well, the limitation of the life force? It's easy - any deviation from the normal spine detected. As I mentioned in my blog from June 2008 in the back before doing "to affect postural distortions of the ability of your nervous system function optimally." Postural distortions are visible when the spine is distorted. Structure dictates function without the optimal operation is not optimal healing the body and weaken over time. Therefore, "of the abnormal structure of the spine, the results of the function of the life force 100% and you are weak. Fortunately, chiropractic care seeks corrective action of the normal alignment of the spine, the flowing energy of life enables optimal and allows the body to heal from the inside, to be restored.

My first thought was to leave this blog with the above purpose, but usually it "stew" for a day or two before posting. In this case, I considered it necessary that after the return, if you do not understand God's innate intelligence or life force, to make herewithin discussion, the construction. Consider the 9 months that occur after the union of egg and sperm and the miraculous birth of a child 9 months later. Then ask yourself what part of this process requires an intervention. The people were with children, long before the practice of medicine created. Everything happens naturally. This is no different from the sun and the sun again, everything is predictable and all persons in the body.

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